Machine Learning for Data Streams: With Practical Examples in Moa

Albert Bifet, Ricard Gavalda, Geoff Holmes and Bernhard Pfahringer
2 March 2018

Le Fil de la Vie. La face immatérielle du vivant

Jean-Louis Dessalles, Cédric Gaucherel and Pierre-Henri Gouyon
20 April 2016

Stochastic Modeling and Analysis of Telecoms Networks

Laurent Decreusefond and Pascal Moyal
27 December 2012

Network Performance Analysis

Thomas Bonald and Mathieu Feuillet
November, 2011

Les origines du langage

Jean-Louis Dessalles and Pascal Picq
1 October 2010

Adaptive Stream Mining: Pattern Learning and Mining from Evolving Data Streams

Albert Bifet
February 2010

Why We Talk: The Evolutionary Origins of Language

Jean-Louis Dessalles
August, 2009

La pertinence et ses origines cognitives : Nouvelles théories

Jean-Louis Dessalles
15 November 2008

Automated Reasoning and Common Sense: Higher Order Aspirations with First Order Logic

Fabian Suchanek
24 April 2008

Les origines du langage : Les origines de la culture

Jean-Louis Dessalles, Pascal Picq and Bernard Victorri
20 June 2006

Mathématique, informatique, physique : au fil des TIPE

Laurent Decreusefond and Alain Maruani
17 septembre 2004

L’ordinateur génétique

Jean-Louis Dessalles
21 May 1996