Open Positions

University: INRIA Lille & Télécom Paris
Location: INRIA Lille (Villeneuve-d’Ascq)
Team:  SPIRALS (INRIA Lille) and DIG (Télécom Paris)
Position: 1 PhD position for October 2020 or earlier (can be preceded by an internship)

We are inviting applications for a PhD position (3 years) starting in October 2020 or earlier. The topic focuses on the theory of data management, specifically on ontology-mediated query answering (OMQA). The PhD will be supervised by Pierre Bourhis (SPIRALS, INRIA Lille) and co-supervised by Antoine Amarilli (DIG, Télécom Paris). The PhD will preferrably be preceded by a Master’s internship of 4-6 months. We are looking for a highly motivated student with a theoretical background in databases, logics, or knowledge representation and AI.

For more information, please see the thesis topic.